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Year 6 - Silver Birch

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YEAR 6 HOME LEARNING wc 30.03.20

Home Learning Diary

Hello Year 6,

I hope you are all well.

Well done to Marissa, Jay and Rufus who have already managed to login in to their school

email account to access the grammar document emailed to you all.

On Tuesday you were all given a username which ended in .302 and a password. (Some of you

wrote it in your homework diaries, some on paper) If you go on to gmail you will need to do the


Enter your username with the

Enter your password

You will then be able to see the work that I will post daily for you. I’ll be keeping a log of the

work being completed but it will be up to you how/when you complete tasks daily. I will also

post answer sheets and guidelines where necessary at the end of each day. You will be able to

speak to me via email if you are unsure about anything.

I will post your first tasks on Monday morning at about 9am.

Take care of yourselves,

Miss Alphonse

YEAR 6 HOME LEARNING wc 23.03.20