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Please read the following advice to help your child stay safe online

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Enjoy watching Miss Preece reading some fantastic stories!



Teach Your Monster to Read

We have set up accounts for all children in Reception. 

How to login:


Download the app:

Set Icon id pdf (star code) to 5043433

Enter child's first name (all lower case) to log in to their own account. If there is another child with the same name, add the first letter of your surname (no space, lower case).


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Family Project

Interactive Learning Links


Phonics resources

Phase 2 booklet

Phase 3 booklet

Phase 4 booklet


Maths resources 

Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20

One More or One Less Than

Solving Problems - Doubling

Solving Problems - Halving

Solving Problems - Sharing

Using Quantities and Objects - Add Two Single-Digit Numbers

Using Quantities and Objects Subtract Two Single-Digit Numbers

Easter Maths Activities